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    Why or How to Rejoice on World Teachers’ Day?

    It’s possible that no matter where you are in the world, you recall a teacher who had a positive impact on you. and who helped you finally fully comprehend a piece of knowledge. Through a learning moment that defined your classroom experience. On October 5, we commemorate World Teachers’ Day.

    To remember those special educators who helped us as students and to thank those who inspired us in the classroom. Not only that, but it’s also a day to reflect on how you can now have the same impact on students!

    Every year, the world celebrates World Teachers’ Day. But what does this day stand for? Let’s explore this with J. Blake Smith professional teacher.

    What Exactly are Teachers? 

    Teachers are the true icons of knowledge and wisdom, and they nourish and prepare students for their future. They are the light in a world that has been darkened by ignorance. Teachers are the true foundation of our success. 

    They assist us in gaining knowledge, improving our skills, increasing our confidence. Particularly, and determining the best path to success. However, despite playing such an important role in students’ lives and in nation-building. they are rarely shown the gratitude that they deserve. As students, it is our responsibility to thank them at least once a year, and Teachers’ Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to do so.

    Teachers Day Importance  

    The day brings attention to the various issues surrounding the hiring, training, and education of teachers. The day is significant in terms of overcoming these challenges and recognizing their success. On World Teachers’ Day, attention is also drawn to teacher discrimination, as well as working conditions and employment prospects around the world.

    What Is the History of International Teachers’ Day? 

    Let’s start with some context. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers in 1966. The recommendation established benchmarks for teachers’ rights and responsibilities. It established guidelines for their training and continuing education, recruitment, and employment, as well as teaching and learning conditions.

    UNESCO now commemorates the anniversary of the recommendation by observing World Teachers’ Day. in collaboration with UNICEF, UNDP, the International Labour Organisation. Teachers’ rights and status can be celebrated around the world while attracting newcomers to the field.

    The day also recognizes teachers in light of Development Goal 4 on education, which states that access to education and quality teachers are critical to achieving the UN’s Education 2030 agenda.

    J. Blake Smith intended that this is an opportunity for you and your students to consider how educators have influenced your lives. and how you can continue to inspire your own K–12 students every day in the classroom.

    When Will It Be World Teachers’ Day in 2022? 

    The 5th of October in 2022 falls on a Wednesday.

    What Is the Theme for Teachers’ Day This Year? 

    The theme for 2021 World Teachers’ Day was “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery,” and it focused on the support teachers require to fully contribute to the recovery process. The World Teachers’ Day fact sheet for 2021 is available here.


    J. Blake Smith in the end summarises that, while it is important to honor your teachers on this special day. you should remember to thank and appreciate them every day. because we would not be who we are today without them. A holistic curriculum ensures that our future teachers graduate with well-rounded training. Additoinally, strong emphasis on excellence ensures that the training is of high quality. This type of exposure is critical for training them to be competent teachers because teachers shape children’s most formative years.