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Improve your online teaching

Improve your online teaching, In recent days, a growing number of schools and institutions throughout the world have announced that they will transition to online-only study. Hundreds of thousands of teachers are hard at work converting their face-to-face classes to online classes. It takes a lot of time and works to create an online course.

For the time being. A simpler formula used. From an expert in online learning, here are 10 short recommendations for improving online teaching

Improve your online teaching, Make a recording of your lectures rather than streaming them

Students will miss a live-streamed lecture if they are ill or have trouble connecting to the internet. Instead, record videos and provide them to your pupils to watch at their leisure

Improve your online teaching, Make your face visible

According to research lecture films with professors’ faces are more successful than basic narrated slideshows. Slides with a video interspersed throughout presentation.

Improve your online teaching, Make your videos as short as possible

Videos that are longer than 15 minutes may experience challenges with download speed and learner distraction. Record two or three short films if you have more to say.

Put the slides through their paces

Before filming your lectures, make sure you test your slides on a smartphone to ensure that all text is readable on small displays. Double-check font sizes, colors, template styles, and screen ratios.

Make use of current resources

It’s absurd to expect you to create a semester’s worth of high-quality videos on your own. You can leverage online resources which are already established and present students with clickable links.

Double-check that they’re open to the public

Using open materials helps students avoid access issues. If any of the resources you provided are not available, you’ll get a flood of student emails and end up wasting all of your time debugging. Spending a few extra minutes looking for things that are open access now will save you time and aggravation later.

Provide detailed directions

Students will turn off watching online media that lasts more than 15 minutes if you propose it. Instead, suggest the particular bits they require (e.g. 13:35 to 16:28), as this would pique their interest. Label resources in the order you want students to approach them if you have more than two. A simple numbering based on the difficulty or value of each resource item can be quite beneficial to your students.

Include interactive activities

Most learning management systems, such as Moodle, Edmodo, and Blackboard, have tools for creating interactive learning activities like quizzes. Step-by-step instructions are present all over the internet. Make use of them.

Have realistic expectations

When creating quizzes, make sure that all of the questions can be solved by consulting the available learning materials. You should make it apparent to students this is not a serious report when they are asked to write a summary of lecture videos. Making this a required but low-stakes project will yield the best results and answers from students. Students engaged for 30 minutes with a set of 15 quiz questions or a 300-word limit.

To track attendance, use auto-checking

It will boost compliance if you notify students that their attendance will be judged by their participation in a quiz. You won’t have time to verify them all, so utilize the automatic checking feature instead.

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