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Characteristics of Great Teachers

Characteristics of Great Teachers, Communication, listening, collaboration, adaptation, empathy, and patience are all attributes of a good teacher. An engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices, and a lifetime love of learning are all aspects of excellent teaching.

Characteristics of Great Teachers explanation

A excellent teacher can have a significant impact on a student’s life, influencing anything from classroom learning to long-term achievement. If you’re thinking about a career in teaching – or want to advance your career with a Master of Education (MEd) – you should look into what makes a successful teacher.

According to research from the Economic Policy Institute, effective instructors are the single most essential determinant in student accomplishment in the classroom, even more so than facilities.

Characteristics of Great Teachers So, what Characterizes a Great Teacher?

Education academics and students at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) discussed the characteristics that distinguish excellent teachers.

Characteristics of Great Teachers, Effective communicators are good teachers

With the text, Dr. Daniel Tanguay Dr. Daniel Tanguay, senior assistant dean of faculty and education programmes, believes that excellent communication skills are essential for effective teaching.

Because, Tanguay began his career as a high school math teacher. however, where he found that many students were terrified of arithmetic, disheartened by previous experiences, and too overwhelmed to approach the subject enthusiastically.

By engaging with children at the start of the year about how math relates to their favourite hobbies, sports, and future occupations, you can help them learn more about math.

Excellent Teachers Pay attention

Kristine Ducote is responsible for the text. Ducote, Kristine

When the teacher has finished speaking, great communication continues. One of the most crucial abilities for a teacher is good listening.

“Teachers who are great at listening and observing often pick up on what isn’t being spoken. Such as any worries a student may have. And may then assist the student increase their skills and confidence levels,” said Kristine Ducote, a criminal justice student.

Effective listening skills can help a teacher better understand their students and personalize classes to reach them in the way they learn best. According to student Latricia Maddox, who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business.

Excellent Teachers Concentrate on collaboration

With the text, Latricia Maddox Maddox, Latricia. however, when you work in education, you’re never truly alone. Working as a teacher typically entails collaborating with others, from paraprofessionals and teaching assistants to other classroom instructors and school leaders. Maintaining an open mind and learning from other educators is also essential.

moreover, Tanguay believes that collaboration is the key to success in this type of workplace. “To work well, you actually need to be able to play many positions,” he remarked. “You don’t need to participate if you already have someone on your team who will be the one to critique all of the proposals presented.”

Good educators are flexible

Firstly, Dr. Audrey Rogers’ text Effective teachers must be able to adapt their teaching approaches to the age of their students. The resources available, and changing curriculum, practises, and needs in a continually changing environment.

secondly, Dr. Audrey Rogers, an SNHU education professor and the chairperson of the on-campus undergraduate programme, has been teaching since the 1980s and has witnessed great changes in the education profession, notably with the development in access to the internet, computers, and other technologies. What will education look like in another 30 years? Change is the only constant, according to Rogers.

Good teachers engage their students

Finally, Tanguay believes that being able to engage kids with humour, inventive lessons, and a strong classroom presence are all vital aspects of being a good teacher.

“Even now, if you were to imagine the teacher you’d want in your life. ” He continued, “you’d want someone who is really engaging in front of the classroom.” “A competent teacher will put on a show for their students to motivate them… It’s not about lecturing from a distance; it’s about getting involved in the task.”

According to Tanguay, the characteristics of an engaging teacher differ based on the grade level and subject matter.

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